Macmillan merged with Cancerbackup| in 2008. Together they provide quality assured, up-to-date cancer information, written by specialists for patients, relatives and carers.

There are very many different types of cancer. To view the different types click here 'Cancer Types'. Each type in this link is extremely well documented by the 'Cancerbackup' web site, typically with cause, signs and symptoms, and staging and Grading of the cancer.

The table below contains a list of recommended travel / holiday Insurance companies who will provide insurance cover with past, present Cancer conditions.

Please Note: Though we shall endeavour to maintain this page. www.MyHolidayInsurance.com cannot be held responsible for any change in policy by the named Insurance companies below.

Recommended List Of Insurance Companies To Contact
Insurer or Broker Phone Number WebSite / Email Medical Conditions Covered
JS Insurance 01273 773017 Web: Travel Insurance

Email: jo@jsinsurance.co.uk
JS Insurance is part of Jade Stanley Ltd. Jade Stanley Ltd was launched in September 1999. We offer a full range of products and cover for pre existing medical conditions on single trip polices, multi-trip annual policies, Wintersports policies, over 65’s and also provide cover for a wide range of activities.
Elect Travel Insurance 01903 209903 Web: www.electinsurance.co.uk Elect Travel Insurance provide a wide range of UK travel insurance policies for travellers residing in the United Kingdom requiring a single trip or an Annual Multi trip travel insurance All our policies have a wide range of durations and destinations.
We offer a medical screening service for customers wanting to include their medical condition.
For quotes all that is required is entering your personal details, age, email, destination and your medical condition and the quote will be provided for you.
We offer all our customers going on that long trip a simple easy to use solution to get travel insurance specifically for those with pre-existing medical conditions especially if you need to include a number of different types of medical ailments .
Travel Insurance Medical 0844 277 9787 Pre Existing Medical Condition Insurance

Web: www.travelinsurancemedical.co.uk
Travel Insurance Medical  is underwritten by Mapfre Assistance and specialises in providing great value, quality travel cover for those of all ages who may be travelling with a pre-existing medical condition. Prices are exceptionally low and cover can be offered at either basic or comprehensive level.

Travel Insurance Medical

Travel Insurance Medical can cover 220 pre-existing conditions free of charge and more serious medical conditions including cancer, circulation problems and heart conditions can be covered with ease via online medical screening.
J.D. Travel Insurance Consultants 01689 859102 Entirely a UK based company.
 This company will arrange insurance cover during and after completion of radiotherapy / chemotherapy
Freedom Insurance 01223 454 290
This company will also insure people who are undergoing treatment for their cancer e.g. Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
All Clear 01708 339295 Web: www.allcleartravel.co.uk
This company will assess each patients personal situation

Pulse Insurance 01280 841 430

Fax:01280 702977
Web: www.pulse-insurance.co.uk/travel-insurance.php

Email: admin@pulse-insurance.co.uk
This company will insure you 12 months after you have finished chemotherapy or / and radiotherapy

They specialize in arranging difficult-to-place term life assurance and travel insurance for clients with pre-existing medical conditions and other non-standard circumstances. They claim to be the specialists in obtaining insurance cover for difficult-to-place and non-standard insurance risks.
World First Travel Insurance 0345 90 80 161 Web:  www.world-first.co.uk

Email:   info@world-first.co.uk
World First Travel Insurance specialise cover for people with all types of pre-existing health problems. Over 1,000 different conditions can be covered on a worldwide basis and every quote is tailored to your individual needs.

World First are a family firm based in the UK with over 30 years travel insurance experience and offer a wide range of policies including single and annual multi-trip, backpacker and cruise cover. Screening is undertaken entirely in-house and you will not be asked to call anyone else to discuss your medical problems.
Medi-Travel Cover Ltd 01252 782392 Web: www.insurecancer.com/ Medi-Travel Cover Ltd will cover people with Cancer for all destinations, including the USA. They will consider cover for people who are in treatment. Their main requirement is that your consultant gives approval for you to make your trip.
J & M Insurance Services (UK) 01991 566 919
Web: www.jmi.co.uk
They need to run through a quotation, as all of our quotations are done on an individual basis.