Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Why can't I obtain information on Boots blood pressure machines when selecting the button on the My Doctor page?

Answer - Currently we are experiencing difficulties with Deep linking which enables you to access the boots Blood pressure section. We expect this problem to resolved very shortly.

*** Deep linking is now active on our site *** Please either refer to our home page or simply click here for this information on their blood pressure monitor section.

Question - I notice you have a lot of general medical as well as Insurance information. What is the long term aim of your web site?

Answer - Quite simply our aim is to have an all encompassing web site that will address the most common, but medical conditions that are a concern generally as well as when travelling. In addition we hope to provide the most appropriate insurance company's who cover the many specific ailments when travelling. Lastly, we hope to continue to build a portfolio of this kind of information which can be found in this web site, which makes life easy, fast and straightforward for our web site visitors, rather than having to trawl through the internet.

Question - So are you a making a profit out of doing this?

Answer - As described in our "About Us page. Essentially we are not profit making out of this. Like a lot people we know, family and friends included - Gaining cost effective Travel insurance for either elderly or certain ailments can be difficult to find and costly. Therefore we have tried to collate the various Insurance companies and what they cover for specific ailment.

In addition we hope this site will be considered a useful first port of call to gain generic medical information.

Question -  What donations if any have you made to charities?

Answer -  As of August 2008 we hope to be in a position to make a donation. We will publish the name of the charity in August.