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How to access the Travel Insurance section

If your interest is purely to find Insurance companies who will cater for your personal travel requirements, whether this is age related or if you have a specific medical condition, then need to select the "My Travel / Holiday Insurance" drop down button. Once pressed the selections for you to choose from are as follows:

How to access and use My Medical Equipment

Quite simply the aim with the My Medical Equipment page is to assist you with purchasing useful travel devices which will help you manage your medical condition whether at home or especially when travelling. You will notice a the devices listed are portable.

IIf you click on either the pictures or the blue hovered text, this will automatically link you to the provider of each device, where you can purchase online or simply view other useful devices should you wish to.

How to access and use My Vaccinations

Selecting the My Vaccinations drop down button will display a list of pages you can select as follows:

How to access and use My Doctor

Selecting the My Doctor drop down button simply provides you with two key pieces of information you can use to assist in gaining travel insurance when you have a medical history. Selecting the link 'Letter To My GP' provides you with a letter you can download and use when writing to your GP.

There is also a Health Information Form you can download and use. This is essentially a check list to remind you of your medical conditions when contacting insurers.

How to access and use My Travel Checklist

Selecting the 'My Travel Checklist' drop down button, essentially provides two drop down buttons to select, these are key 'travel checklist' areas you might like to review before travelling. These are as follows:


The My Medical Records drop down button takes you to a page containing a useful set of devices and  Web sites you may find helpful when travelling abroad when either taking medication or have a medical condition.