My Medical Records

Our own personal medical records are extremely important to us, particularly if we have specific medical conditions and / or take medication. We have listed below some useful web sites and devices which you might find helpful and ease any concerns you have with respect to your medical condition when travelling abroad.



Doctor BABEL is an online medical record facility that features an emergency medical information card. Basic membership is FREE and includes web-space for your medical record, the facility to print an emergency card at home free of charge and some free translation facilities. You may also choose to upgrade your membership for a small fee - this adds features useful for travel. This membership upgrade is valid for a year and enables you to translate your travel.

The Zaptag Medical Card and Online Medical Records
The Zaptag Medical Card and Online Medical Records are great ways to store and manage your health records. Every time you visit your doctor or a health professional, be it your dentist or physiotherapist, you can take your health information with you. You can even store your vaccinations and keep them up to date, with reminders being issued before they expire. 

In an emergency situation your critical health information is always available, backed up by a 24/7 emergency telephone helpline. You can decide what is available in an emergency where critical information such as next of kin, allergies, medication and insurance details can be obtained.

A particularly useful part of the Zaptag software is the record keeping for vaccinations which can be used to upload all your medical records and give you a reminder if a vaccination needs renewing. The Zaptag can also offer management of your records to give you greater control over your treatments, whether you want to maintain your health or manage a pre-existing medical condition. The card also allows the individual to hold their insurance details on the card thus making it easy for the individual to inform others of their insurance information in an emergency.

Key customer insights:

- I want peace of mind when I am away from home (anywhere in the world)
- I travel a lot with my job and want peace of mind I suffer from a managed medical condition, e.g. diabetes which could leave me incapacitated unexpectedly.
- I like to do extreme sports
- I work in a dangerous environment I want to take more control over the medical treatment that I receive.
- I want different medical practitioners that I visit to have a complete picture of my medical history. 
I want to ensure that my vaccinations are up to date and I do not want to have any unnecessary injections because I don't have a record of them.
I don't want to repeat tests, scans, x-rays etc because of a recurring problem.

Medical Tags

Medical Tags - By wearing your medical information near your main pulse points, your neck or wrist, the item carrying the information is more likely to be noticed by emergency staff. In these vital few minutes this is often the only way of conveying information about your vital drug, allergy or medical condition which the medics need to treat you.