Epilepsy is currently defined as a tendency to have recurrent seizures (sometimes called fits). A seizure is caused by a sudden burst of excess electrical activity in the brain, causing a temporary disruption in the normal message passing between brain cells. This disruption results in the brain’s messages becoming halted or mixed up.

For complete information please click this Epilepsy Action web site link to access some key points from the web their web site. In order to assist you to navigate we have provided some key areas of interest with a short summary for each point.

Sometimes the reason epilepsy develops is clear. It could be because of brain damage caused by a difficult birth; a severe blow to the head; a stroke which starves the brain of oxygen; or an infection of the brain such as meningitis. Very occasionally the cause is a brain tumour. Epilepsy with a known cause is called ‘symptomatic’ epilepsy. For most people - six out of ten, in fact - there is no known cause and this is called ‘idiopathic’ epilepsy.

There is no conclusive test for epilepsy, although tests such as the electroencephalogram (EEG) – which records brainwave patterns - can give doctors useful information. Epilepsy should be diagnosed by a doctor with specialist training in epilepsy. An epilepsy specialist will use their own expert knowledge, along with test results and the patient’s or witness’s accounts of the seizures, to make the diagnosis.

Because epilepsy is currently defined as the tendency to have recurrent seizures, it is unusual to be diagnosed with epilepsy after only one seizure. In the UK around one in 20 people will have a single seizure at some point in their life, whereas one in 131 people have epilepsy.

Many people believe that epilepsy is something you are born with. In fact, epilepsy can begin at any time in life, from birth right through to old age. It is only relatively recently, however, that doctors are realising just how frequently epilepsy begins in later life. And, because people are now living longer, epilepsy in older people is now very common. For more information please review the link above (Epilepsy in later life)

If you require more information or would like to talk to someone please vist the Helpline link below or call 0808 800 5050

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Recommended List Of Insurance Companies To Contact
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Staysure Travel Insurance 08442770844 Web: www.staysure.co.uk

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Travel Insurance Medical 0844 277 9787 Pre Existing Medical Condition Insurance

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Travel Insurance Medical

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Medicover Travel 0870 735 3600 www.medi-cover.co.uk/ Epilepsy friendly in some instances.
Free Spirit 0845 230 5000 www.free-spirit.com/ Epilepsy friendly in some instances.
Citybond Suretravel Customer Care Team 0870 444 6431 Web: www.citybond.co.uk

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J.D. Travel Insurance Consultants 01689 859102
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