Spinal Injuries

Welcome to the Spinal  Injuries page. For complete detailed information on Spinal Injuries, please click this Spinal Injuries Association web link. However, in order for you to quickly navigate to your area of interest. We have added some useful short cut links from this web site.

In addition to the Spinal Injuries Association. The Back-Up Trust is a national charity that supports people; young or old with spinal cord injury. It also supports friends, families and colleagues of all those who are affected to encourage integration promotion of disability awareness and collaboration. For more complete detailed information please visit their website by clicking on this web link - The Back-Up Trust

The table below contains a list of recommended travel / holiday Insurance companies who will provide insurance cover for past and present Spinal Injury conditions.

Please Note: Though we shall endeavour to maintain this page. www.MyHolidayInsurance.com cannot be held responsible for any change in policy by the named Insurance companies below.

Recommended List Of Insurance Companies To Contact
Insurer or Broker Phone Number WebSite / Email Medical Conditions Covered
Staysure Travel Insurance 08442770844 Web: www.staysure.co.uk

Email: info@staysure.co.uk
Staysure Travel Insurance - Will cover this condition as well as pre-existing Medical Conditions.

Over 250 minor conditions are covered free of charge, with screening options available for more serious conditions.
Travel Insurance Medical 0844 277 9787 Pre Existing Medical Condition Insurance

Web: www.travelinsurancemedical.co.uk
Travel Insurance Medical  is underwritten by Mapfre Assistance and specialises in providing great value, quality travel cover for those of all ages who may be travelling with a pre-existing medical condition. Prices are exceptionally low and cover can be offered at either basic or comprehensive level.

Travel Insurance Medical

Travel Insurance Medical can cover 220 pre-existing conditions free of charge and more serious medical conditions including cancer, circulation problems and heart conditions can be covered with ease via online medical screening.
Enable Holidays 0871 222 4939 www.enableholidays.com/
Enable Holidays is a company that provides Holidays for people suffering from Spinal injuries or Strokes who may require specialised facilities and equipment e.g. wheelchairs, scooters, mobility aids and other equipment.
Bradford and Bingley 0800 169 4078 www.Bradford-bingley.co.uk/insurance/travel Yes Most
Neurological Conditions

Spinal and neck Injuries
Citybond Suretravel Customer Care Team 0870 444 6431 Web: www.citybond.co.uk

Email: online@citybond.co.uk
Cover most Neurological Conditions Including: Spinal and neck Injuries
J.D. Travel Insurance Consultants 01689 859102
Entirely a UK based company.
Cover most Neurological Conditions Including: Spinal and neck Injuries
World First Travel Insurance 0845 90 80 161 Web:  www.world-first.co.uk

Email:   info@world-first.co.uk
World First Travel Insurance specialise cover for people with all types of pre-existing health problems. Over 1,000 different conditions can be covered on a worldwide basis and every quote is tailored to your individual needs.

World First are a family firm based in the UK with over 30 years travel insurance experience and offer a wide range of policies including single and annual multi-trip, backpacker and cruise cover. Screening is undertaken entirely in-house and you will not be asked to call anyone else to discuss your medical problems.
Pulse Insurance 01280 841 430

Fax:01280 702977
Web: www.pulse-insurance.co.uk/travel-insurance.php

Email: admin@pulse-insurance.co.uk
This company specialize in arranging difficult-to-place term life assurance and travel insurance for clients with pre-existing medical conditions and other non-standard circumstances. They claim to be the specialists in obtaining insurance cover for difficult-to-place and non-standard insurance risks.